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Health Coach

Kevin is a natural health consultant and health coach, working from his home in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

A student of Bau, Biology and Ecology, he has been using his divining/dowsing skills to diagnose health problems for over 25 years.


Divining - Dowsing can be used for measuring humans, animals, or the land. The most common tool used is divining rods or pendulum.

Commonly used for finding water, minerals and lost objects, it is also very accurate for health issues.


There will nearly always be a simple solution for any health problem.

The goal is to find the right simple solution for your problem.

"Learn to Listen" is a book based on many years of successful solutions.

It may help to answer some of your questions and clarify the confusion.

Improve Yourself

My job as your health coach is first to identify what is the main reason for you being unwell.

Secondly, why are you staying unwell, and then recommending what you need to do to help the body heal itself.

Discover new techniques

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In my blog I will share many techniques and tips on a number of different issues.

Also watch this space in particular, as once things are up and running, some of the more significant and useful things I discover I’ll be showcasing here. Stay tuned!

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My blog will provide a useful source of information as well as a thought provoking perspective on many things ranging from general health issues to personal observations and views on topical and current events.

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