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It’s that time again to hibernate.


Every living thing around us slows down during the winter period and so should we. Plants, animals birds, insects and all creepy crawlies in the soil slow down over the cooler winter months and sleep longer through the longer nights. We should do the same. For about two months, June and July, we should try and knock of work a little earlier each day. Get to bed an hour earlier and just generally be a little lazy. Don’t feel guilty about the laziness.  Cut down on the exercise a little. It is only eight weeks so that the body can do some extra repair. When the days start to lengthen it will be easier to get moving again.

Everything in nature slows down for the winter, so should we. We need to realize that we are every bit a product of nature as are all the trees. Embrace the season. Don’t fight it.

Sleep tight, (over the winter)              Kevin

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