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Winter Ailments

It’s that time of the year when people feel more exposed to flu, viral, bacterial issues, and I constantly get asked what can I do or take to avoid these problems.

I have not yet seen one magic solution. Different things work for different people. Down at the health shop there are many immune system boosters from good old Vit C through to all sorts of antioxidants and herbal remedies. Go with intuition when it comes to your choice. But top of the list for us all is good, fresh alive food. Have good control over stress levels in your life. Get to bed early over the winter months. We are meant to be hibernating a little so the body can get a little extra repair done.

If you feel or know you have a bacterial infection try 4-6 cups of chives/walnut tea made with the real ingredient.

For a typical flu/fever try root ginger and sage tea for 3 days, and if you have the energy add a little lemon and honey.

For a strong hacking cough from lung problems try cream of tartar. A level teaspoon in a little water, stir then drink. Three times within 24 hours.

A good tonic from the health shop is “Winter Guard”.  This has helped a lot of people I see.

And top of the list, keep a positive attitude.  It does help.


Cheers    Kevin

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