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Poor Digestion

Poor digestion is a very common problem. From all the measuring of humans I do here, it is very rare to find an adult with good digestion. From a young age we have all had things enter our stomach that have a negative effect on the enzyme activity in the gut. I explain this in detail in my book “Learn To Listen”.

I mentioned in the book a specific supplement that helps this issue. It is “Fibergy Plus” from the Usana health sciences company. Fibergy has the ability to help your own digestive enzymes breed and multiply. I have found nothing else that can do this. There are lots of probiotic, digestive enzymes, prebiotic, fermented foods on the market, but I do not see them working in a way that is needed. You need more of your own digestive enzymes, not other introduced types. Your own enzymes break your food down to be compatible with your cells. Introduced probiotics do not do this.

This fibergy is also very good for weight lose and any general digestion problems.

If you want to know more about this Fibergy, drop me a message.      heartlands@clear.net.nz

Cheers       Kevin

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