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Many people need to have someone hear them. They want someone to listen to them, and sometimes this is a very desperate need.

The person listening does not have to agree with or even understand the person whom needs to be heard.

It does not matter who the listener is. They just need to be heard.

We don’t need to comment, pass judgement or offer counsel.

We need to stop listening with our ears and start listening with our heart, soul, spirit.

When we do this the needy person will know they have been heard and feel much better.

This is a great way to develop the skill of empathy. Being able to stand in someone else s shoes and feel where they are at.

An unheard person is usually a very frustrated person, confused and frustrated internally.

Give them peace and freedom by listening to them with your heart.



If you feel this and any of my rambles are of value, pass them on.

There is no point keeping it, and it cost you nothing to give it away.   Cheers 🙂

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