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Exerscise !!!!!

We all know that exercise is good for us, but that does not nessacerially make it easy or fun or inviting.  For some people the word exercise is poisoness!!

It does not need to be. Exercise is just another word for moving your body, and hopefully for more than just 3 minutes.

If exercise doesn’t excite you and you find it just too hard to find the time, there are two simple things to choose from that may make it easier.

1.  Join a team of other people who are moving their bodies regulararly, ie a sports team (social) walking group, dance group etc. By joining with a team of any discription you are more compelled to go do that activity. If you don’t go        you  let the team down, so that little bit of social pressure is likely to keep you going along. And quite often these team activities are seasonal so therefore you don’t have to make a life-time committment. Fancey the horrible                thought of   having a exercise committment for the rest of your life:).

2. Find something that has a time limit on it. It could be that half marathon early March, a wedding to attend mid Febuary. Anything with a set time frame makes the whole issue look more achievable. Then tell a friend who can help you  keep honest to you goal.

Most peole do struggle in their head with the thought of going out and doing some exercise. It is so easy to find a reason why I can’t do it just now, the weather, there is other work to do that is more important, so I will just do that exercise later. I HAVE NOT YET MET A PERSON WHO AT THE END OF THEIR EXERCISE REGRETTED DOING IT. And exercise that is FUN is nearly double the value of just exercise. Spring is the best time of the year to start something new, anything, just start.  Your body will thank you for it.




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