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Connecting to Others

Many of the people is see as clients are wanting to be heard, especially by someone close, ie. a loved one, partner, parent etc. They really need someone to understand where they are at.

The first big challenge for them is to talk in a language that the listner can understand and at the same time say exactly what it is that needs to be said.

The person knows something needs to be said about their health situation but don’t know how to say it, don’t know what to say, because they don’t know what is wrong, but do know something is not correct.

There is usually a lot of confusion and frustration deep down inside. This is  both a physical thing as well as an emotional/spirit thing. The spirit of a person is living inside the physical body and has to stay there until death when it is set free. So in a strange way you could say that the spirit is in a prison, in one prison cell all by itself. It gets to look out at other spirits/people all the time but does not get very much complete connections with other spirits. When two people fall in love their two spirits get very connected with one another. However, a large number of the people I see are now a single spirit living all alone. One of the best ways to help this spirit feel happy and loved is to give it a big hug.

Not a two second hug but a good 30 second or even one full minute hug. Just be peaceful and let two spirits touch each other. I have seen too many elderly people very lonely for a hug and the main need is not a body to body hug but a spirit to spirit hug. Let two souls merge for more than 10 seconds and the feeling is just great. At this point the person will feel they have been heard. We don’t have to know what they are saying or understand it.  Just let your spirit (You) listen to their spirit (Them).

Some might call this love.


Cheers    Kevin


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