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Is it important or urgent ?

For a lot of us our days can be very busy dealing with urgent things. Stuff that has to get done now, not later, but now.

That is all fine and good most of the time. However if there is too much urgent stuff in our lives we sometimes don’t have enough spare time left to do the important things.

Christmas and the New year is a good time to reflect on some of the important things in your life. Many times we will find the important things are not urgent so they don’t get done, or ” I’ll do that later”.  Many of the urgent things are really not that important, but consume most of our time. How many times do we say “I’ll do that later”?

Tomorrow is today’s later, so today is yesterdays later. Have you got done today what you didn’t do yesterday. Or is your day just filled again with urgent stuff. Find the time for the important things in life and do them. Put them into your daily/monthly planner and don’t  feel guilty about doing important things that aren’t urgent.


Cheers    Kevin

P.S.  I’m always open to feed-back. I read all emails but don’t always get time to reply to everyone.

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