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Give a hug for Christmas

A hug can feel good to some people but very uncomfortable for others. When someone wants to give you a hug, receive it as a gift. They are trying to give you something so don’t ignore it, or refuse it. Accept it with love and thanks.

Sometime after conception and before birth a spirit arrives from somewhere to live in our body, and it stays there until the day we die. Then the spirit is set free. I do see the spirit as who you are and you just happen to live in that particular body. So the body is not who you are, but just the vehicle you live in. For some people, living in that vehicle can at times get very lonely, particularly for the elderly who have lost a life partner. That spirit (them) has no other spirit to touch. This is where a good hug can be very valuable. The spirit in side that body can be longing to touch another spirit. So when you give a hug or receive a hug, see it (feel it) as two spirits touching for a few seconds and really enjoy the experience. It is not two physical bodies touching. It is two spirits touching. If you can give a long warm hug to a lonely spirit this Christmas it may be the best gift that person receives.


Seasons Greetings      Kevin

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